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Oct 8, 2012 4:00pm PDT
and supporters saying it will only help food from local economy. and can you live on minimum wage? >> no. i've got a son. i try to support him. $8 ain't cutting it justin stands on street corners three hours per day to drum up business for a pizza rea. he makes $168 a week. if this passes it will take a 25% jump to $10 an hour, helping pay for rent and food opponents warn employers may cut hours or eliminate jobs. this economist was hired to analyze the pro pose wral by the san jose, silicon valley chamber of commerce saying small businesses will be impacted most. >> there are folk that's will have to scale back operations and it's noted that means fewer jobs for the workers. >> supporters have been poring over studies claiming there are benefits for small and medium businesses when paying higher than minimum wage. >> there is a reduced turnover, they look for another job, meaning companies have to continue to recruit ask train. >> measure d lined up agencies on one side against business owners and mayor on another. and this city says auditing businesses will cost $600,000 a year. and there
Oct 9, 2012 4:00pm PDT
national security threats the economy plans to turn over evidence to the fbi for an investigation. we're learning that cisco ended its relationship with bp over concerns it may be selling u.s. parts to irean, however they're going quietly. the companies are both deny wrong doing and saying the report was rigged. the chinese government is getting into the fray calling it groundless and warning that the move could undermine cooperation between the united states and china. a lot of tech titans have chosen to make san francisco their home and now, a few of them appearing in a new video urging stoit fix the long lines and for other problems take a listen. >> san francisco is the innovation capitol of the world and of this, and this and this. and this and this would with awesome to use technology to fix the problems they face every day. let's give it a shot. >> this includes twitter co-founder and air b and bceo and some other folks. they urge the city to fix problems of lack of wifi hot spots and making it easier to get a bus or a cab and this is to promotes his campaign, one of th
Oct 10, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. it will determine nate benefits resolving a liability. it's going to provide a unsecured claim to the economy. the deal subject to court approval. apple trying to reduce the amount of iphones being shipped with scratchers by cracking down on quality control. and this is also looking like it's moving off for just a moment in times you counter bid for metro pcs. saying because the time to analyze the planned combination. saying they may have had three months to bid before investors vote on a deal. it's a down day for markets. and there is shares of apple and google pulling it higher, and groupon began offering an app letting merchants track purchases it's part of a push to makeup for a slowing growth. monthly subdescriptions called bread crumb starts at $99. and at your bloomberg studios back to you. >> thank you. >> there are several airlines beginning a winter air fare war. there is the sale running just 72 hours, virgin airlines has one way prices for as low as $65, none of the sales are going to be valid for holiday travel. experts say carries are average $24 higher than last year. >> where
Oct 11, 2012 4:00pm PDT
said weak demand across product lines due to broader economy. shares fell in after hours trading and amd results third-quarter results next week, google is reportedly expanding new york city offices. the search engine is poised to lease 94,000 more square feet of space over in chelsea market area across the street from google's current manhattan headquarters where it occupies 650,000 square feet. we've learned coca-cola is in talks to invest about $10 million in music streaming service spotify after coke reached a deal to add spotify to its marketing since april. they've been facing more competition from rivals like rdo. markets let's take a look at stocks barely budthing today. the s and d managed to eek up, jobless claims slid to a four-year low. your bloomberg silicon valley index closed lower, shares of apple and cisco krifing that down. you talked about this just a moment ago. how would you like snow white to greet your kids by their first name? disney asked for permission to use electronic wrist bands that track customers activity at its parks. this comes as disney is tryin
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4